Eagle Glacier fashion

Nature has a lot to teach us, especially when it comes to image. Observe and learn.



Protect your skin by utilizing the canopy as a UV screen (not effective for insect screening).



Maintain some mystery with ground cover-ups.



Don complimentary colors to stand out from the rest.



Keep a cute dog within arm's reach.



Get dramatic when necessary.




Stay away from the birds if you value your vision.



No matter what happens, keep your cool.



Dine in style.



Get down and dirty to keep things tidy.



Once the hard work is done, get horizontal and spend as much time as possible with the clouds.
Anything you have not yet learned will suddenly become clear to you.



Sudden Death

This post originally appeared in the Logbook:

Bad news is bad, but I must report, I witnessed A death most sudden

If you had been me, Would you have done what I did In the midst of shock?

All I knew to do: Confirm suspicions, give a Proper burial.

More deaths have been seen In this same spot since that day. I try not to fret.

Aurora Haiku

I like my sleep, but

I prefer a wake up call

If the lights are on

The results of this

Photographer versus wind

Don't tell the whole tale

Next time, I'll call you

To brave the bridge gusts with me

Making memories

Bill's Channel Crabbing Adventure: Part 2

(View Bill's Channel Crabbing Adventure: Part 1 here)

Lovely day for a pull, eh?

It takes a strong arm.

Despite their eager handshake, our new friends are not so happy to see us...

...but we are quite happy to welcome them aboard.

(more than we bargained for)


Now, how to prepare a crab for cleaning in two simple steps:



Bill's Channel Crabbing Adventure, Part 1

This post originally appeared in the Logbook:

Bill is anxious to use his crab tags...

...and to use up the bait that has been residing in his freezer since last season.

The chariot awaits...

...stowaways and all.

The last bait cans are filled...

...and we're off to the pot spot.

At low tide, a depth of thirty-fiveish feet is the place to set.

After the toss, a prudent crabber evades line tangles unless they'd like a lost pot.

Great eagle on your tower, guard our buoys. Keep them safe in your sight.

We'll be back.

50 Millimeter Madness – Us vs. Them

A tooth has left its mark.

We attempt to mimic, but it's just not the same.

Some tasks we leave for them to execute...

...while we reap the benefits.

But we are careful – it's wild out there.

Their warning signs are everywhere.

As are the signs of us.

But we both enjoy the same sights...

...and observe equivalent oddities.

We soak in the same scenes...

...and overlook the grand to focus on the seemingly minute.

In the end, what separates us from them...

...is a line that only the bravest are truly willing to test.

50 Millimeter Madness - Haleakala National Park

This post originally appeared in the Logbook:

When observing new things in new places, some things are obvious.


Many scream for attention.



Others politely ask us to look up...



...or down.



Some wave.



Some take advantage of their uniqueness.

But whether large or small, every thing has its own perfect place in the jungle.


The Way It Goes

This post originally appeared in the Logbook: You can thank me for the snow that's falling at sea level today–after weeks of near-spring weather, I finally decided to take off my studded tires. Instantly, the slick returned to our roads.

You're welcome.